Napoleonic Wargaming

The DFWIrregulars have a nice collection of 25mm Napoleonics and we are having fun
creating our own "Old People" rules for gamers with short attention spans and poor eyesight.

Here are our custom rules.

Explaining the game.

These are the quick reference sheets we use. There is a different one for each nation because
we don't need to crowd it with things that don't apply for that game.
The key element is to do each step in order and everything you need to know is in that step.

Austrians in 1809.
Pennisular British.
Prussians in 1813-15.
Russians in 1813-14.

15mm Austrian quick sheet.
15mm Bavarian quick sheet.

Each side in a game has a number of "Force Cards", one for each brigade.
These cards get changed around for our games, but this is an example.

Austrian Force Cards.
British Force Cards.
French Force Cards.
Prussian Force Cards.
Russian Force Cards.
Spanish Force Cards.

Heroic Events Card.

Here is a playtest of the 15mm version of the game.

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